Daily Commute

I live about a mile and a half from my place of employment, and the two places are connected by a the Pittsburgh Heritage Trail.


The riverfront ride provides some very senic and serene morning views. I don't have to put up with traffic. My ride distance is actually shorter than the equivalent drive because of some inconvienent one-way streets.



I took these pictures during one of my morning commutes. Notice the lack of human traffic. It's so peaceful!
picture of the path    picture of the path

picture of the path    picture of the path

Cool Stuff

Some days, the ride is more interesting than others. My most memorable ride home was during a wind storm. The tail wind I had was so strong that I was able to travel about 1 mile without ever pedaling. I just sat back and was pushed home!

Here is some scenery after a week of rain caused the river to overflow onto the trail:
picture of the path    picture of the path
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